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With all the sports coverage you’ll get from the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package, you’ll definitely be getting the whole nine yards. However, there’s more to this comprehensive package than simply sports. With the PREMIER™ Package, you’re getting all of the programming DIRECTV has to offer – simply put, there isn’t a better DIRECTV package or a better package altogether than the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package.

More movies, more shows, more sports, more music – you’re getting a value unlike any other when you sign on for the PREMIER™ Package.

What are the highlights of the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package?

The DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package is the biggest package offered by DIRECTV. Furthermore, the offerings and variety are enough to compete with other service providers and their “top-of-the-line” packages. When you get the PREMIER™ Package, you get:

  • More than 330 channels of diverse programming
  • Popular entertainment and movie options
  • Premium channels
  • Local channels available for almost 100% of U.S. households1

The DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package also comes with lots of ways to save. Special offers are often available and you can learn more about these and other options by calling for more information.

Should you get the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package for your home?

If you want it all, then you want the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package. Movies, music, sports, comedies, reality TV, inspirational – whatever tickles your fancy you’re sure to find amongst the 330+ channels of programming offered. Bundling with the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package is also a must if you’re looking to add Internet and phone to the mix.

DIRECTV teams up with industry leaders in those fields to bring customers the best experiences possible, and that includes the price. In fact, bundling with the PREMIER™ Package could actually save you some money while giving you more of what you need to stay informed and connected.

What kinds of programming come with the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package?

It would take an entire site to go over all of the individual channels and programming features offered with the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package. Instead, let’s cover the highlights:

  • Movie Channels – ENCORE®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® – epic channels featuring epic movies to bring the red carpet home.
  • Music Channels – Dozens of channels of streaming, uninterrupted music with genres like jazz, pop, rock, rap and more.
  • Sports Channels – Sample the latest news from the ESPN family – ESPN, ESPNU, ESPNEWS – or get something more specific to your needs from SEC Network, Golf Channel, NFL Network, NHL Network or NBA TV.
  • Inspirational Channels – In the mood for something more uplifting? There’s Daystar, BYU TV and more.
  • Family Channels – Need something more family-friendly? ABC Family has you covered along with Hallmark Channel, Disney Channel and Hub.

And, believe it or not, that’s still just a drop in the bucket when you really take into account everything that the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package can bring to your home.

The DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package: Order Now!

As you can see, the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package is one of the largest packages on the market and the largest package you’ll get with DIRECTV. Call today to learn more about the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package and find out if PREMIER™ Package is the right package for you. You can also visit online to learn more about the other packages DIRECTV offers and your options when it comes to bundling.


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