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One could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package is the largest DIRECTV package out there. It certainly offers more than any of the previous packages and the same could be argued regarding the offerings of the competition.

With more than 250 channels of popular programming, in-depth sports coverage, epic movies, informative news, endless music, family-friendly shows and so much more, it’s plain to see how it lives up to its name. And while the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package may not be the biggest plan on the market, it’s certainly big enough for any viewer to find something worth watching.

The Basics of the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package

The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package brings a couple of choice movie channels into the mix that really make the generous offering of channels even larger than life. When you saddle up with the ULTIMATE Package, you’re getting an unprecedented value with things like:

  • Access to over 250 channels of endless possibility
  • Sheer volume and sheer variety of programming
  • Possible savings and deals where applicable

The DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package also comes with local channels included for almost 100% of the households in the country1 as well as ENCORE® movie channels. All of this can also be bundled with Internet and phone service from industry-leading partners.

Should You Get the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package?

Anyone who loves movies will certainly find plenty to appreciate with the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package, but it’s about more than just movies.

Have kids? There’s plenty of safe, age-appropriate content to appreciate with this inclusive package. Want to know how your favorite team is doing? Plenty of sports channels offering in-depth coverage. Curious about the headlines both national and international?  A plethora of news channels can help you there.

Basically, if you like to watch TV, regardless of the programming preference, the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package is sure to have something that interests you. There’s so much variety and so much possibility.

What Kinds of Programming Come with the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package?

Let’s just cut to the chase – there’s a lot to see with the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package. There’s too much programming to talk about on this page alone, really, so let’s go over some of the highlights:

  • Inspirational – TV is good for more than just leisure. It can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and channels like Daystar and BYU TV are just a few examples.
  • News – Take your pick from MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Bloomberg and so much more.
  • Music – Dozens of channels devoted to dozens of different genres. On all the time without interruption.
  • Educational – Whether it’s the secrets of space with the Science channel or early educational beginnings with BabyFirst TV, the learning never stops with this package.
  • Movies – ENCORE® brings the epic theatre experience to the living room.

That’s a lot of programming stored in the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package and it doesn’t stop there. You can learn more about the ULTIMATE Package and its offerings by calling today.

Ordering the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package

If you’re interested in the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package, then call now to learn more about the features and possible savings. You can also ask about the other packages or, if you want to take it to the next level, the PREMIER™ Package. Either way, don’t miss the ultimate opportunity with the DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package.


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