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NFL SUNDAY TICKET Makes Your NFL Dreams Come True!

With NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you won’t miss a game this season! NFL SUNDAY TICKET gives you the power to see every minute of every out-of-market game, every single Sunday of the season.1If you love your football, then this is a must have for you!

There isn’t any other satellite provider that gives you what NFL SUNDAY TICKET can. It’s a sports lover’s dream come true!

Never Miss A Second Of Your Favorite Games

Make your house the game-day hangout and invite everyone to watch DIRECTV SUNDAY TICKET in HD.2Flip through every NFL game on Sunday afternoon, so nobody has to miss their favorite team.
And when you have lots of games that you want to watch at the same time, don’t despair! With NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you can watch up to eight games at the same time on one channel. All you have to do to see the live score and game clock is select the game with your remote.3 You won’t miss a beat!

DIRECTV SUNDAY TICKET just can’t be beat, especially when you upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. Want to catch up on games quickly? Short Cuts lets you see entire games condensed into just 30 minutes.4 Want to know what else you can watch with NFL SUNDAY TICKET? Keep reading!


RED ZONE CHANNEL® is perfect for those football fans who want so see exactly what happened in the final yards of the most epic scoring drives. You can enjoy all the perks of this channel from your TV or your cell phone.3

Player Tracker

Every fan has a favorite player. With the DIRECTV Sunday Ticket Player Tracker, you can choose up to EIGHTEEN of your favorite players and keep up with their stats. Forget searching online for how many yards your favorite QB threw. It’s all right at your fingertips with Player Tracker. And when your selected players make a great play, Big Play alerts will let you know so you never miss the chance to brag.3

DIRECTV SUNDAY TICKET: The Best Way To See The Most Football

DIRECTV SUNDAY TICKET is a great alternative to expensive tickets and traveling to see your favorite team. Every Sunday you can wake up, prepare your favorite snacks and enjoy exciting games throughout the entire NFL right from the comfort of your own home. DIRECTV SUNDAY TICKET is the most convenient way to see more of the best games! And you don’t have to miss out of the game just because you’re not home! NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX can be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone. Even when you’re away from the big screen, you don’t have to be away from the big game!5

Football season stops for no one! DIRECTV packages are meant to be enjoyed by all and NFL SUNDAY TICKET only makes it better. Don’t miss out. Call now and get ready for the best football season you’ve ever seen.


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